Right of revocation

The following right of withdrawal applies for consumers:

Withdrawal instructions

You can withdraw your contractual statement without stating the reasons within one month in writing (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or, if the object is provided to you before the period expires, by returning the object. The period starts after these instructions are received in text format, but when goods are delivered not before goods are received by the recipient and/or in the case of repeat deliveries of goods of the same type, not before receipt of the first partial delivery and, in the case of provision of services, not before the conclusion of contract and also not before the fulfilment of our duty to supply information as per § 312c para. 2 German Civil Code in connection with § 1 para. 1, 2 & 4 German Civil Code - German Ordinance on Information Duties). The prompt sending of the withdrawal or the object is sufficient for ensuring compliance with the withdrawal period.

The withdrawal must be addressed to: Marktdienste Haberbeck GmbH,
Industriestr. 17, D-32791 Lage/Lippe

Consequences of withdrawal:

In the case of an effective withdrawal, the services received on both sides must be returned and, if necessary, any uses that have been drawn on (e.g. interest) must be published. If you cannot return to the received service to us in full or in part or only in a deteriorated condition, you must grant us compensation for decrease in value insofar as is necessary. When relinquishing objects this does not apply if the deterioration of the object can be attributed solely to the testing of the object, such as may have been possible in the retail outlet. If deterioration occurred when the object was put into practical use correctly, you do not need to provide any compensation. Objects that can be returned via package shipping are returned at our risk. You must incur the costs of the return sending, if the supplied object corresponds to that which was delivered and if the price of the object to be returned does not exceed an amount of €40.00 or, in the case of a higher price of the object, at the time of the withdrawal you had not performed the return service or a contractually agreed part payment. Otherwise, you will not have to pay the costs of the return. Objects which cannot be returned via package shipping will be collected from your premises. Obligations for the reimbursement of payments must be met within 30 days. The period starts for you when your statement of withdrawal or the object is sent, and for us when the statement of withdrawal or the object is received.


Special remarks:

In the case of service provision, your right to withdrawal expires prematurely if your contractual partner has started the service provision before the end of the withdrawal period with your express approval, or if you have initiated this yourself.


Yours sincerely, Marktdienste Haberbeck GmbH